A questionable journey into compiling code backwards.

Over the past year, I’ve found myself in the strange position of trying to decompile C#. And not just decompile C# into something that looks more-or-less like source code — I’ve been trying to decompile C# into valid source code that I can then compile and use without modification.


Making fun with meshes

Lasers are cool. And drawing a laser in a straight line is easy enough: just plop down a sprite, maybe repeat it a few times, maybe stretch it.

But what if you want curved lasers? And what if you want a hundred of them updating at 120 frames per second?

How game mechanics shift in significance

(No narrative spoilers.)

Much has been said about the strange mechanic at the heart of Death Stranding — hiking through snowy mountains with a five-hundred pound stack of textbooks half-falling out of your backpack — especially on how fun it is. Some people think it’s not fun; other people say…

Since Dark Souls first stunned the gaming community with its grueling-yet-fair combat centered around swords, axes, and halberds, one question has always lingered: can we make it with guns?

There have been but few attempts at this challenge. Remnant: From the Ashes is the second one I know of (after…


Software engineer, epic gamer, and Touhou fangame developer.

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