Sekiro: Dengeki Interview with Miyazaki (Translated)

A new project based on a completely new IP. Today, we ask Mr Miyazaki about the choice of a Japanese setting as well as the game’s design.

We’ve been looking forward to this game since the December teaser video. What’s the meaning behind the title “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”?

The last new IP From worked on was Bloodborne. When did development for this one start?

When you wrote the planning document, did you already know this would be a Japanese-style action game?

There seem to be a lot of influence from Tenchu. Was that intentional?

Did you start working with Activision while this was still in the Tenchu stages?

What kind of work does Activision do on this project?

We want to merge the beauty of decay and the beauty of freshness.

Why did you choose the end of the Warring States period for the setting?

What kind of imagery are you thinking of for your first Japanese-style game in so long?

The portrayal of blood in this game is a lot more vivid and showy than in previous games.

I’ve seen that a certain character appears at certain critical important points in battle.

A character-focused tale of rescue and revenge

This time, in contrast to Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series, the main character has a defined style and look. Will the depiction of the story likewise differ from previous works?

The prince the main character serves — will he and the samurai who abducted him serve as a key to the story?

The one-armed Buddhist statue carver is also interesting. What kind of place does he occupy in the story?

What kind of enemies will appear?

Will the story diverge based on choices made during play?

Action emphasing “Kill Wisely”

What is the fighting like in this game?

It sounds like this work will have a different essence from previous ones.

Will swordplay involve stamina, as the games up till now have?

What is this prosthetic arm like?

Will you be able to switch your prosthetic tools on the spot?

Can you tell us more about how the grappling hook will be used in combat? It looks like it’ll be focused on providing movement capabilities.

Are the maps designed with grappling hook traversal in mind?

The revival system seems like it will have a massive impact on the flow of battle. How did you come to add it in the game?

It sounds like you’ll be able to make strategies based on dying.

Have you decided how many times you’ll be able to revive?

Finally, why did you choose to focus on singleplayer and omit multiplayer?




Software engineer, epic gamer, and Touhou fangame developer.

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Software engineer, epic gamer, and Touhou fangame developer.

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