There’s no equivalency between designing a game and criticizing a game. Design is a question of theory and application, whereas criticism is a question of reader perception. I mentioned this in the other comment as well: you may think of it like bug reporting. There’s nothing wrong with telling a programmer their code doesn’t work properly (they are, as you point out, fallible), but it’d be nonsensical to challenge their knowledge of CS models without you yourself having similar knowledge.

I am pretty sure very few people-- of which we are certainly not part-- have any experience or knowledge in narrative design for MMOs. We do all, however, have some basic knowledge of physics, and "d=vt" (which you learn in elementary school) is only one step removed from relativity.

It’s important to note that Deroir is not a customer of Price off the clock. Nobody disputes that you should be fired for such a statement while speaking in official capacity. But nobody gets fired from Google for calling people stupid on their free time. It would be impossible to work at any big company if we held to your standard.

Software engineer, epic gamer, and Touhou developer. All my writing is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 unless stated otherwise.

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