To clarify, it’s not the point that Price was fired and Hideki wasn’t, the point was that a lot of people *wanted Price to be fired* but there has never been a concerted effort to get Hideki fired (or any male designer with a take-no-shit aesthetic). The reason this is worth bringing up is because what they’re saying is hardly different.

From this perspective, I don’t talk about Peter because nobody really talked about him. He was just kind of there for a few minutes and then got fired. Nobody was flaming him on Twitter and nobody was flaming him on Reddit, and everything he said was mild enough to not be worth mentioning.

Peter getting fired reflects on ArenaNet — I would take it as their desire to wash their hands of the issue — but it doesn’t say much about how the gaming community raises the issues in the first place. The gaming community’s goal was not to get Peter fired. My greatest worry is how they will act in the future when the next Price says something snippy on Twitter, with the knowledge that the new standard is job loss.

Would Hideki have been fired from ArenaNet? — Before that, would the gaming community have *wanted* him to be fired from ArenaNet? Here’s where the difference lies. Price certainly did not have a PR-clean twitter feed when she was hired. She was fired because of public outcry that has not been applied to men doing the same thing.

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